The Names List

On our 3rd Episode, Chris began introducing each of the panelist with Star Wars inspired names. Soon, the idea caught on and some of our listeners have posted name suggests on our facebook page and send us some ideas through our contact page. We’ve started recording the names and present them here from reference, posteriry, or just see some the highlights (and lowlights) so far:

Chewie Chris (Episode 3)
Clone Trooper Chris (Episode 4)
Clone Commander Chris (Episode 5)
Carbon Freezing Chamber Chris (Episode 6)
Coruscant Chris (Episode 7)
Lando Calrissian Chris (Episode 8 )
Commander Cody Chris (Episode 9)
Cad Bane Chris (Episode 10)
Rancor Chris (Episode 11)
Chief Chirpa Chris (Episode 12)
Cloud City Chris (Episode 13)
Mon Calamari Chris (Episode 14)
Corellian Chris (Episode 15)
Salacious Crumb Chris (Episode 16)
Sabacc Chris (Episode 17)
Christophis Chris (Episode 18)
Clawdite Chris (Episode 19)
Lando CalChrisian (Episode 20)
Colo Claw Chrish (Episode 21)
Crab Droid Chris (Episode 22)
George LuChris (Episode 23)
Chrisoscant (Episode 24)
Peter Chrishing (Episode 25)
The Tonnika Christers (Episode 26)
EpChrisode I (Episode 27)
GeonoChris (Episode 28)
Darth Chrisidious (Episode 29)
Asajj VenChris (Episode 30)
Savage OpChris (Episode 31)
Chrisken Raider (Episode 32)
Carrie Chrisher (Episode 33)
Christal Moon (Episode 34)
Chance Cube Chris (Episode 35)
Episode III, Revenge of the Christh (Holiday Special Special)
ZukChris (Episode 36)
I’ve got a bad feeling about Chris (Episode 37)
ChrisLu (Episode 38)
Your Highness, Chris is a battle I don’t think we can win (R.A. Dickey Spotlight)
SalaChris Crumb (Episode 39)
Hard Case Chris (Episode 40)
Hayden Christensen (Episode 41)
Irvin Chrishner (Episode 42)
Darth PlagChris (Episode 43)
Kit ChirsTo (Episode 44)
“I will come back a free you mom, I promChris” (Episode 45)
Chief Chrispa (Episode 46)
AquaChrish (Episode 47)
General GrevChris (Episode 48)
“Chrismandor, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans, and bring back the passchrisengers, I want the alive!” (Episode 49)
Crispy Chris (Episode 50)
BaChris Queg (Episode 51)
Curly Chris (Episode 52)
Boonta Eve Chrisic (Episode 53)
Christavanin (Episode 54)
Christosk (Episode 55)
Cardiologist Chris (Episode 56)

Mynock Matt (Episode 3)
Mustafar Matt (Episode 4)
Darth Maul Matt (Episode 5)
Ephant Mon Matt (Episode 6)
Hand Maiden Matt (Episode 7)
Admiral Motti Matt (Episode 8 )
General Madine Matt (Episode 9)
4-LOM Matt (Episode 10)
Matt Windu (Episode 11)
Mattllennium Falcon (Episode 12)
Mos Eisley Matt (Episode 13)
Walrus Man Matt (Episode 14)
Matt Rebo (Episode 15)
Mawhonic Matt (Episode 16)
Matt Jerjerrod (Episode 17)
General MattQuarrie (Episode 18)
Matt-AT (Episode 19)
Admiral Mattbar (Episode 20)
GaMattian Guard (Episode 21)
Captain Mattnaka (Episode 22)
Walrus Matt (Episode 23)
Mattstafar (Episode 24)
Peter Mat-hew (Episode 25)
Mattle (Episode 26)
Admiral Matti (Episode 27)
The Forrest Matt of EnDave (Episode 28)
Mon CalaMatti (Episode 29)
BoMatt Monk (Episode 30)
Mattalorian (Episode 31)
General Mattilian Veers (Episode 32)
Matt Hamill (Episode 33)
Matta (Episode 34)
Mattca Tank (Episode 35)
Episode II, Mattack of the Clones (Holiday Special Special)
UgMatt (Episode 36)
Matt’s no moon (Episode 37)
KingMattChcho (Episode 38)
It’s the ship that Matt the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs (R.A. Dickey Spotlight)
Jedi Mattster (Episode 39)
Almek Matt (Episode 40)
Natalie PortMatt (Episode 41)
John Mattzenberger (Episode 42)
MatthewBacca (Episode 43)
IG-Matty8 (Episode 44)
“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no Matt for a good blaster by your side kid” (Episode 45)
Galen Mattrek (Episode 46)
SarMatt Pit (Episode 47)
Tion Matton (Episode 48)
“Emattuate? In our momatt of triumph?” (Episode 49)
Marinated Matt (Episode 50)
Elorrs Matt (Episode 51)
Hey Moe! Matt (Episode 52)
Mara Jade Matt (Episode 53)
Death Mark Matt (Episode 54)
Mattbery (Episode 55)
Medical Droid Matt (Episode 56)

Darth Dave (Episode 3)
Dack Dave (Episode 4)
Count Dooku Dave (Episode 5)
Dengar Dave (Episode 6)
Dack Dave/Darth Dack Dave (Episode 7)
Dantooine Dave (Episode 8 )
Biggs Darklighter Dave (Episode 9)
8D8 Dave (Episode 10)
YoDave (Episode 11)
Dewback Dave (Episode 12)
Duros Dave (Episode 13)
Dagobah Dave (Episode 14)
SlaDave I (Episode 15)
Figrin Dave (Episode 16)
Droopy McCool Dave (Episode 17)
Barada Dave (Episode 18)
DaveT-ST (Episode 19)
Davegobah (Episode 20)
Captain NeeDave (Episode 21)
Dave Rendar (Episode 22)
Along Tim ago, in a galaxy far, far aDave… (Episode 23)
Davetooine (Episode 24)
Anthony Daveiels (Episode 25)
Dr EDavean (Episode 26)
Darth VaDaver (Episode 27)
The Forrest Matt of EnDave (Episode 28)
Imperial Star Davestroyer (Episode 29)
Tusken Davers (Episode 30)
R2-Dave2 (Episode 31)
Jan Davedonna (Episode 32)
Dave Prowse (Episode 33)
Deeto Dave (Episode 34)
Garven Dave Dreis (Episode 35)
The Star Wars HoliDave Special (Holiday Special Special)
Count Daveku (Episode 36)
That Force will be with you, all Daves (Episode 37)
Lok Durd Dave (Episode 38)
All Daves a pleasure to meet a Jedi (R.A. Dickey Spotlight)
Life Dave (Episode 39)
Tan Daveo (Episode 40)
Don Bies Dave (Episode 41)
Billy Dave Williams (Episode 42)
CommanDave Cody (Episode 43)
DaveOopy McCool (Episode 44)
“Strong is Vader, mind what you learned, Dave you it can.” (Episode 45)
Davegar (Episode 46)
Daveanoga (Episode 47)
Davela Secura (Episode 48)
“Our scout ships have reached Davetooine. They’ve found the remains of the rebel base, but they estimate it has been Davesserted for some time” (Episode 49)
Well Done Dave (Episode 50)
Dune Sea Dave (Episode 51)
Why I oughta, Dave (Episode 52)
GarDavela the Elder (Episode 53)
AlDavean (Episode 54)
Toxic Dart Dave (Episode 55)
Doctor Dave (Episode 56)

Taun Taun Tim (Episode 3)
Tie-Fighter Tim (Episode 4)
Tarfful Tim (Episode 5)
T-16 Skyhopper Tim (Episode 6)
Taun We Tim (Episode 7)
Grand Moff Tarkin Tim (Episode 8 )
Jabba the Hutt Tim (Episode 9)
Tim 1-B (Episode 10)
Qui Gon Tim (Episode 11)
Dark Trooper Tim (Episode 12)
Tusken Raider Tim (Episode 13)
Anitim Skywalker Tim (Episode 14)
Emperor PalpaTim (Episode 15)
Sy SnooTims (Episode 16)
Bib ForTima (Episode 17)
Teebo Tim (Episode 18)
Timtooine (Episode 19)
Tim Ion Engine (Episode 20)
Wedge AnTimies (Episode 21)
Ahsoka Timo (Episode 22)
Along Tim ago, in a galaxy far, far aDave… (Episode 23)
UTimpau (Episode 24)
HarriTim Ford (Episode 25)
Snaggletooth Tim (Episode 26)
TimHX 1138 (Episode 27)
YaTim IV (Episode 28)
Shaak Tim (Episode 29)
Creature CanTima (Episode 30)
Timboo (Episode 31)
Mace Timdu (Episode 32)
Ian McDiarTim (Episode 33)
Tak-tak Tim (Episode 34)
Executor Tim (Episode 35)
Episode I, The PhanTim Menace (Holiday Special Special)
Timlan Voos (Episode 36)
I was going to the Timsche station to pick up some power converters (Episode 37)
King TaTimKo (Episode 38)
No, I Tim your father (R.A. Dickey Spotlight)
The Jedi Timple (Episode 39)
Hali BerTimmy (Episode 40)
Stephen StanTim (Episode 41)
CapTim Needa (Episode 42)
Tim-16 Skyhopper (Episode 43)
Jek PorTims (Episode 44)
“Fear is the path to the darkside. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to sufferTim.” (Episode 45)
Wat Timbor (Episode 46)
Imperial StormTimper (Episode 47)
Governor Timkin (Episode 48)
“Boring conversatim anyway. Luke, we’re gonna have comtimmy!” (Episode 49)
Toasted Tim (Episode 50)
Timue (Episode 51)
CerTimly! (Episode 52)
Tobol Lens Tim (Episode 53)
GalacTim Empire (Episode 54)
Subulta Tim (Episode 55)
PediatriTim (Episode 56)

Special Guests:
R.A. DickeyToo (R.A. Dickey Spotlight)
Mark Side of the Force (Episode 54, Mark Newbold
Hyodermic Doug (Episode 56, Official SWIC Photoshopper Doug)